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GVB's Next Meeting and Speaker!!!

Date:  Thursday November 14th


GVB meeting TImeline of Events:

5:00PM: Council meeting

5:30PM: GVB Member Meeting

>>>Awards presentations



Parking directions

The address to the College is 205 Duck Pond Drive, Blacksburg, VA, 24060 however, the address on the VMIA building is listed as 215 Duck Pond Drive. There is a parking lot right next to the building. Parking after 5pm does not require a permit, however if you arrive early: 

Permit parking (including visitor) is available near the building and additional parking is available in the fenced area behind our lot; also known as the cage to many at CVM/VT. The Small Animal Client parking spaces are off limits to all except clients; those who use these spaces are at risk of receiving a parking ticket. You can obtain a visitor pass at Parking Services prior to arriving at Vet Med. Parking Services; information is provided at this link http://www.parking.vt.edu/visitors.asp or at the Virginia Tech Visitor’s Center with info provided via this link http://www.visit.vt.edu/about/about.html.

Once you arrive, you will only be able to access the first set of double doors of the Veterinary Medicine Instruction Addition building (VMIA) after walking up the ramp seen in the picture. Someone from GVB will be watching the door and can let you into the VMIA foyer. Due to the building being a Medical Facility, only authorized personnel are allowed on the premises.





Speaker: Dr. Jake Socha, Dept. of Biomechanical Engineering & Mechanics


Get to know our speaker!!!


Dr. Jake Socha is an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics at Virginia Tech. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and biology from Duke University in 1994 and a Ph.D. in biology (with a focus on biomechanics) from the University of Chicago in 2002. After graduate school, he was the Ugo Fano Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, studying insect flow systems using synchrotron X-ray imaging at the Advanced Photon Source. His research program at Virginia Tech combines both interests, investigating the biomechanics and functional morphology of flows in and around organisms, specifically flying snakes, frogs, and insects. Prior to entering science, he was a member of the Teach for America national teacher corps working in southern Louisiana.